Halle Johnson

Our makeup room is known for being filled with endless bobby pins and outlets overwhelmed with hot tools. Featuring last-minute costume fixes held together by safety pins.

Costume cleanup

Costume leader Michelle Vogel works with the help of her team to clean out the New Ulm High Schools costume room.

Ripped clothing, mismatched shoes, nonstop arm pain from going through hundreds of hangers: welcome to the world of costumes.

Three days a week for the past two months adult costume leader Michelle Vogel and her team of students have been working relentlessly to clean out the New Ulm High School’s costume room. In light of the upcoming play performance The Man Who Came To Dinner, Vogel decided enough is enough and made it her goal to clean out the room, one article at a time. “Cleaning the costume room was a huge task but it was great for us to see what we had, what was damaged, and what potentially needed to be replaced. It has been super helpful for me to see what was in there and what could be used as is or modified for the current characters.” Vogel said.


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