Mrs. Longtin’s Apprentice class morning meeting (Brooke Hanson )
Mrs. Longtin’s Apprentice class morning meeting

Brooke Hanson

Future teachers in the making

What Apprentice really offers

March 21, 2023

Mrs. Browns first grade class (Brooke Hanson)

NUHS offers many classes to get students to interact with the public and prepare them for the future. One of those classes is Apprentice. It gets students out of school and into an elementary classroom. Even if you do not want to go into an education career, taking Apprentice will allow you to see what teachers go through every day. All the Apprentice students meet each week on Tuesday at 7:35 A.M. You get to talk with the other helpers and share stories on how your weeks have been.

Being able to take the class has a big responsibility that comes with it. You are expected to drive to the elementary school, be a good role model for the younger student you are spending your time with, and be able to show up to the morning meets with Mrs. Longtin. “It is a wonderful opportunity for those interested in education and working with students of all abilities. The only thing that would make this class better is for the apprentice kids to have more time with their students,” Mrs. Longtin said.

The Apprentice kids love to get to know their students and work with them one on one almost every day. “I took Apprentice this year because a lot of people liked it last year that I talked to. I like the fact that we actually go into another classroom and see what it’s like to be in charge of so many kids and help out with that. Being able to see them every day really brightens my day!” Senior Calyn Glaser said.

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