New Ulm figure skaters had their show Saturday, March 4, and Sunday, March 5. (Hannah Davey)
New Ulm figure skaters had their show Saturday, March 4, and Sunday, March 5.

Hannah Davey

Alice in Wonderland

March 13, 2023

Four of the skaters from the New Ulm Figure Skating Club are students at New Ulm high school. They held three shows over the span of two days, March 4 and March 5. One of the many skaters in the club is Emmie Stangel, a junior at New Ulm. Emmie has to balance school, figure skating, the school play.

Emmie is in multiple college classes which gives her plenty of homework. Emmie has been dedicating her time and energy for just over two months to preparing for this show. Emmie was in the fall musical at school, during one of the last performances Emmie had a figure skating competition. She was there on time and was able to get ready and do her best for both.

“I think the show went really well; it was completely different from any other year. This was a start of a new era where along with skating, acting is now involved. We also had multiple people in the community come in to help with the show,” Emmie Stangel said.

Set of New Ulm figure skating club’s show set for Alice in Wonderland. (Hannah Davey)

There are skaters from the age of 3 to the age of 18, with multiple adult skaters. Another one of the skaters is freshman Calleigh Fredrickson, who has been skating for about 13 years. Many people don’t stick with the sport they chose as a young kid. But Calleigh isn’t like most people – she does some of the many things most people couldn’t imagine doing.

Calleigh balances school, figure skating, FFA, and many other things. Looking at her you would never think how many things she has to balance. In the fall Calleigh also had to learn many dances for the school’s musical in addition to her figure skating routines.

“I have stuck with figure skating for this long because it makes me happy. I have also built a whole new family that pushes me to be better and work hard for what I want,” Calleigh said.

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