Junior Evelyn Schaefer (left) and Senior Bella Dunford glazing their pinch pots. (Kate Frauenholtz)
Junior Evelyn Schaefer (left) and Senior Bella Dunford glazing their pinch pots.

Kate Frauenholtz

Pottery progression

Students continue to learn in Pottery and Sculpture class.

February 17, 2023

Students in the Pottery and Sculpture class offered at NUHS during the second hour advised by teacher Mackenzie Page have enjoyed the class so far. As the semester progresses, students have new projects with various requirements to test their skills.

Students have been working on a variety of techniques, including pinch pots, slabs, coils, and glazing. They have been taking these essential skills to make new creations as the class progresses through the second semester. Students have mastered the skills at a basic level and have started to combine them to create unique and different pieces to take home.

Page has been instructing the class to use these simple techniques. “Begining the semester strong has been fun. I am excited to see how we take these basic techniques we have learned in the last four weeks and turn them into unique creative ideas in the future,” Page said.

Junior Lydia King (left) and Senior Katarina Deopere are working on a slab box project. (Kate Frauenholtz)

Senior Emma Miller has enjoyed her progress throughout the class in improving her skills. She has enjoyed making pieces that can be used daily and have a purpose. The class is finishing its first summative slab box project, and many students are anxious to see their final results.

Like Emma, many students enjoy the opportunity to have classes that allow them to express their creativity and learn pottery hands-on. “I have really enjoyed this class and have had fun with my friends while learning about pottery so far, and I am looking forward to learning more in future projects,” Emma said.

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