Senior Emma Miller (Left) and Senior Kate Frauenholtz glazing their slab vases. (Katarina Deopere)
Senior Emma Miller (Left) and Senior Kate Frauenholtz glazing their slab vases.

Katarina Deopere

The final touch

Pottery and sculpture students work on different projects using clay, glaze, and different types of tools.

February 22, 2023

Ms. Page’s second-hour pottery and sculpture class spent Monday, Feb. 6, finishing their slab vase and tray projects by glazing.


Senior Cam Carpenter finishing his slab tray.

Senior Cam Carpenter said, “It’s nice to finally put the finishing touches on our project we worked on weeks ago.”

The pottery and sculpture class spend their time learning about the basics of pottery and all the different pottery techniques you can use with clay. Then they spend days or even weeks applying that knowledge and using their skills to perfect projects with multiple steps.

The class applied one of the techniques recently on their slab box project. A slab is a rolled-out flat piece of clay. For their project, they would cut out a shape from the slab to make their vase or place the slab onto a mold to form their tray. Some of the stages the clay has to go through before the project can be finished are leatherhard, bone dry, and bisqueware. The final stage of every project is glazing, a coating to add color and waterproof a bisqueware piece of clay. This process is shown here in the picture to the left.

Senior Kate Frauenholtz said, “It’s the best part of the project because you see everything come together when it’s done.”

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