Board at School: Tech Deck Cure

There’s a quiet rumble in the background. A teacher says some incomprehensible words as Leo Waloch prepares for his sickest trick yet. He places his fingers on the rough board of the tech deck and with a flick of his wrist the board soars through the air, does a flip and he lands it; the crowd goes wild!

Leo Waloch posing with his Tech Deck

Leo’s Tech Deck is a form of a fidget. A fidget is a toy or object that can help calm a person’s nerves. Fidgeting can help combat ADHD, OCD, anxiety, and stress.

“My tech deck helps because it takes my mind off of the stress that is school and keeps me sane while in class,” Leo said.

Anything can be a fidget toy for someone whether it is a pencil, or a toy specifically made for fidgeting. Most people fidget without noticing such as bouncing their foot up and down or bopping their head to a song.

The use of a fidget toy can help reduce foot tapping and help promote concentration while a teacher is teaching, but the use of toys in school can be controversial.

“There definitely are times when fidgets would be good during school, however not for everyone. Fidgets are helpful for kids who have a difficult time concentrating due to overstimulation. The goal with fidgets during school is to help kids meet their sensory needs so they’re able to focus on the lessons. If fidgets are used when overstimulation isn’t an issue, they can be distracting to the student and other students due to improper use.” said Kallie Schugel, Autism Specialist at Brown County Health.














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