Psyched for Seterra

December 8, 2022

In Mr. Dennis’s human geography class Jayden Ludewig and many others study different regions’ maps on Seterra for a better understanding of the world and to study for quizzes; they do this for 10 minutes and then start their lesson for the day, but to Jayden and so many others this is more than just a grade – its a tournament. 

Jayden Ludwig trying to beat his time for the world map in drawing and painting.

Seterra is a timed map quiz site powered by Geoguesser, showing a green-colored map of a world region. If you click the correct country, it will turn white, but if you guess wrong, the color will change from yellow to a darker yellow. If you got it wrong three times, the game will show you where the country is and not count it towards your score. 


This scoring system and the percentage have turned this website into a competition where the students compete to get the best time with 100 percent accuracy and get a place on the top five leaderboard, where they could be awarded pie points by Geography teacher Matthew Dennis.


Students are not just doing the maps to get pie points; they are also doing it for fun. Ludwig said, “In a nutshell, it’s a lot of fun; it keeps me occupied if I have any free time in  class; it’s just fun to test my knowledge.”

Jayden Ludwig testing his Europe map knowledge in computer class.


Other students are also participating in the game, like Jayda Goold and Emily Johnson, currently number one on the leaderboard; these two people are Ludwig’s main rivals, and he wants to “destroy them.” 


Ludwig is hoping to get the whole world in five minutes compared to his five-minute and 49 seconds current time, and for Africa, he wants to get one minute or less. He currently has a minute and nine seconds for Africa; he is more determined now than ever to become the best at Seterra.

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