Snow fall in New Ulm, Mn.
Snow fall in New Ulm, Mn.

Accidents pile up with first snow fall

Is the snow really fun...or is it dangerous?

December 8, 2022

When Elyse Dreckman left her house out of town late Monday morning she didn’t expect what went on to happen. The roads were a little slippery and tires that are worn down do not help situations.

Elyse left school at around 6:50 a.m. and said she could tell the roads were bad but she was late and had to get to school. Her mom even warned her not to get into an accident. She made it into town safely but by Jefferson School started slowing down for a stop sign but kept sliding right into the back of an individual’s car.

Damages, Elyse Dreckman’s vehicle.

”I knew the roads were bad and slippery so I stopped early but just kept sliding anyways and bumped their back bumper,” Dreckman said. She blamed the incident on her worn-down tires.

Every year winter accidents seem to happen more and more. Just within the past five years, officers reported snowy or icy road conditions as the reason for more than 79,165 crashes just in MN.

This year is no different. Many students have been involved in little fender benders with the slippery snowy roads here to stay for months. These accidents really make you think: is the fun that comes along with winter fun or is it dangerous?

Kadan Wilson, also a Junior hit, a stop sign not far from the High School. ”I wasn’t even trying to drift. It was just so slippery and it happened,” Wilson said. One more accident occurred in the parking lot Monday involving two students

These accidents go to show how even though winter and snow are nice and fun they can be very dangerous. Having the proper winter tires and equipment can also help with situations.

No one was harmed in any of the accidents.

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