The journalism class is working hard while been watched on their screens (Karson Schmid)
The journalism class is working hard while been watched on their screens

Karson Schmid

The inside scoop about hapara

December 2, 2022

Senior Emerson Wenninger finishes her schoolwork and plays games to pass time on her Chromebook until she gets an unexpected present from the teacher watching on the other side.

Hapara is an extension that monitors students’ screens, and teachers can comment or even close out their tabs to ensure they stay on task. However, this app is only active during school times. When students received the magical Chromebook, they thought they could do anything, but that was not the case.

Senior Emerson Wenninger works on her Chromebook efficiently (Karson Schmid)

Some students hate it, while some do not even have an issue with it. “I personally have not been affected by hapara because I always have some type of school work to do,” Wenninger said. On the other side, students were not a fan of the extension. “I always have my schoolwork done so when teachers look on hapara it does not really look good for me,” Senior Leigha Grussendorf said.

Teachers tend to like hapara more than students for obvious reasons. Hapara is a helpful tool in the eyes of teachers.

Teachers like this handy app to guide students to stay on task and not fool around. However, most teachers do not even look at hapara and are more chill about what students do on the screens. When it first came out, teachers went crazy over it. Now it is more of a dead trend.

Hapara has many good sides for the teachers but according to most students, hapara can be “unfair” to them. Some students have now learned their lesson about owning a school Chromebook.

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