The night sky hangs over the school as students leave Wednesday night class.

Psychology after dark

November 7, 2022

Empty halls at the end of the day when night school begins

Juniors and Seniors gather on Wednesday nights in Mr. Bute’s classroom to take a class about Psychology. Psychology is a college course that is offered by MSU and provides an opportunity to give students four free credits and an open hour in their schedule. The class starts at 6:30 p.m. and goes to 9 p.m. The course also gives students the experience to feel the responsibilities of attending a college course. Students are expected to take notes and be prepared for the next class.

Bute started night school as a way for students to get a college class and college experience without disrupting their current schedules. Bute worked with a coordinator from MSU to give students the opportunity that is offered now. Students could sign up for night or day classes but as attendance rose in the night class, the college course shifted to becoming available only at night.

When asked why Bute chose psychology for a night class he said that psychology fits with his master’s in history and general teaching. “It helps that I’m a people person and that my other interests work well with psychology,” said Bute. Bute has been teaching night school for about 8-10 years and says the best part is the flexibility of the class and the opportunity for students to experience a college course. The only downfall is the long days that come with teaching night school.


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