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Mr. Janke’s Drawing and Painting and Advanced Art class take a field trip up to the Minneapolis Institute of Art for a day on April 27th.

Art for all

"Everyone wants to show off their awesomeness." - Mr. Janke

Mr. Janke, an art teacher who has been with NUHS for 29 years gives a run-down of the day for his students. He explains some background information on the Minneapolis Institute of Art, how the tours will work, and when the students are allowed free time to explore the museum themselves.

For the first time in five years, Mr. Janke has been able to take art classes to the Minneapolis Institute of Art.

This semester’s Advanced Art and Drawing and Painting class had the opportunity to take a ride up to the museum for a tour and for individual time inside as well.

“Not often do people get to see real artwork in person,” Mr. Janke said. “It looks way different than in photos being in front of the colors and textures of the pieces.”

Students from both Advanced Art and Drawing and Painting had a lot of positive feedback from their trip to the museum. Freshman Jocelyn Pettersen, a student in Drawing and Painting, said the trip was awesome. “It was really fun to go and see the art and get inspiration for my own projects.”

Mr. Janke has been an art teacher at New Ulm High School for the past 29 years. He was inspired by his own art teacher when he was in high school, Roger Goettsch. Over his 29 years of teaching Mr. Janke says he appreciates how much art is always changing. “I’ve never felt stuck with the same thing and same art styles. Every student has a different motivation that compliments their interests when creating art.”

Mr. Janke’s art class schedule that he made himself using digital art skills.

Some of the art classes offered at NUHS are Art Foundations, Digital Art, Drawing and Painting, Pottery and Sculpture, and many other advanced art classes as well.

“Advanced Art is probably one of the more enjoyable classes because of how self-motivated the class is in general compared to Art Foundations,” said Mr. Janke.

Advanced Art has even opened a new door for senior Kirsten Dennis. Kirsten is looking forward to doing commission art for the summer, an idea inspired by Advanced Art. “This class has given me the opportunity to use my skills with many different mediums provided,” Kirsten said. “I’m excited to use my free time to pursue my passion for drawing and specialization in colored pencils and portraits.”

The art classroom at NUHS is one of inspiration for sure. When walking in you have dozens of pottery projects to your left, dozens of art pieces hung up on cupboards and the wall to your right, laminated photos were taken of professional art behind you, and a very decorated whiteboard (most of the time) to your front.

Mr. Janke offers a lot of creative freedom to his students. When asked about the amount of art placed on his cupboard Mr. Janke said, “a student last semester decided to hang up her art on the cupboard and it just exploded from there. Everyone wants to show off their awesomeness.” According to Mr. Janke, any student from any class is allowed to put up their art on the wall, “as long as it’s appropriate.”

The ‘art wall’ in Mr. Janke’s room that grows bigger by the week.

Although art is his full-time job, Mr. Janke is also an avid golfer. He can often be found at the Country Club hitting up the courses. He even coaches golf at Martin Luther College here in town. Although passions and hobbies change throughout life, hopefully, NUHS will be able to keep Mr. Janke for another 29 years to teach and inspire young artists.

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