Egan Muklebust

Seniors Nathan Zacate and Graham Wilkins ponder and look to see what the safe school reporting form is all about.

Safe School reporting form breakdown

NUHS publishes a safe school reporting form for easy access with students who are getting bullied.

April 17, 2022

Since late March forms with QR codes have been showing up around NUHS. The form is called the Safe School reporting form and is for people who are getting bullied or having issues with a NUHS student. This form was made after some current harassment issues arising in NUHS, most notably with basketball, when an openly gay student from Saint Peter claimed to be harassed by a NUHS player.

When asked about how successful the form has been so far, NUHS counselor Mr. Ziemer said, “10 incidents have been reported since the form has been put up.” Going into more of the process, Ziemer was questioned about what happens after the form is submitted, to which he explained: “An email is sent and the principal may be asked to respond to the situation.”

NUHS makes it a priority to check them. “Every Monday there is a meeting and it is reviewed weekly,” Ziemer said. They make it a priority because “we are looking for patterns for how many times someone is reported,” he added.

The big question to be is will this form solve the age-old bullying issue, or will the problem continue to reign terror? Time will tell in the end but until then the hope stays strong.

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