NUHS Mixed Choir performs “When I Close My Eyes.”

A note-worthy performance

NUHS Music Department presents: A Combined Choir and Band Concert!

The shining lights are a sure sign that NUHS’s choir and bands are hitting the auditorium stage.

On March 28 the NUHS Music Department had its latest concert, which was directed by Ms. Jessica Koehler and accompanied by Mr. Nate Beran.

March 28 is not the only notable choir event that takes place at NUHS.

“The band performs at the homecoming parade and game in the fall. They also perform an indoor marching show in the fall. Some of the band members also perform in the Parade of Lights in November. The choir has Choralfest in the fall and then the band and choir have their winter concert in December. After the holidays, we begin to prepare for our choir and band contests, solo/ensemble day, and our March concert. In May, we have our pops concert. The band and choir also perform at graduation. The band usually marches in the Memorial Day parade, but it has either been rained out or canceled due to Covid, so hopefully, it will happen this year,” said director Ms. Koehler.

Putting on a concert requires lots of work; Ms. Koehler is actively involved to make sure the concert goes smoothly.

“Behind the scenes, I make sure we have someone to help us with lights and sounds. I create and print the concert programs. I make sure the stage is all set for everybody. Then I make sure all of the students know when to be there and what to wear,” Koehler said.

NUHS concert band warms up and tunes their instruments in preparation for their evening performance.

In recent years the music departments numbers have gone down. However, Ms. Koehler has a positive outlook and is looking forward to the future.

“I hope that students in middle school see the opportunities that the high school students have and want to be a part of it. We need more students to be included in band and choir,” said Koehler.

The March 28 concert went according to plan, with a large audience and fantastic music.

“My favorite part of the concert was performing Homeward Bound with all the students. It’s always enjoyable to have the band and choirs come together and perform. It also gives us a chance to learn how to perform together and think about how to balance instruments and voices,” said Koehler.

My favorite part of choir is being part of a unique group,”

— Claire Brown

My favorite part is getting out of school for solo and ensemble concerts.”

— Vincente Munoz

My favorite part of choir is singing songs that you enjoy; for example, we are singing ‘We Don’t Talk About Bruno.’”

— Neveah Ubl

Concert Program: 


Catchin’ the ‘Trane – Nicholas Fernandez

Soloist: Mitchell Schotzko


The Diplomat – John Phillip Sousa

Exhale – Sean O’Loughlin


When I Close My Eyes – Jim Papoulis

Soloists: Aiden Butterfield, Rachel Wiethoff, and Kaelyn Eikanger

Just One Heart – Jim Papoulis

Percussion: Joey Kotten

A Million Dreams – The Greatest Showman

Soloist: Jason Malcolm


Dreams of Thee – Eric William Barnum

Goodbye, Then – Timothy C. Takach

You Will Be Found – Dear Evan Hansen

Soloists: Vincente Munoz, Nevaeh Ubl, and Alex Vigil


Accompanied by: CONCERT BAND

Homeward Bound – Marta Keen/arr. Jay Althouse & Brant Karrick

Soloists: Elizabeth Olson, Ella Ahrens, Claire Brown, Amanda Vogel, & Brooks Miner

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