Egan Muklebust

Junior Shaun Moldan signs up for classes for his Senior year in the math wing after school

School registration

Students think through their options for class registration for the 2022-2023 school year.

Freshman through Juniors pick and prod through classes in preparation for the next school year. Now students have many new options as the CTE path becomes more prominent.

Students in NUHS met in the auditorium on Feb 23 to discuss signing up for classes for the 2022-2023 school year. With new classes being added each year, it gives more options and opportunities for future students of NUHS. Counselors work with students who have questions about credits or classes making students able to have a clear idea of what to sign up for.

Shaun Moldan is one of the many students that are signing up for the new year. “There is a large selection of classes that I am excited for,” Moldan said. Who can blame him when there are options to fit each student’s individual needs. For being a smaller town, we sure do have quite the selection with so much funding and help to set everything off smoothly.

Students still have a while before the deadline of March 25 to get their classes in. Giving students a little over a month to do it allows for students to thoroughly look through classes so they enjoy the next school year. “I think it is pretty safe to say, there is a path for everyone at NUHS,” NUHS counselor Mr. Ziemer said.

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