Guest cook Abby Dubois teaching the class how to make a smoothie. (Celsey Achman )
Guest cook Abby Dubois teaching the class how to make a smoothie.

Celsey Achman

We will survive because life is what you bake it

New Ulm High school survival class learning how to cook.

November 30, 2021

Cooking up soul food smoothies and chicken cordon blue. There was only one person to get the job done: Abby Dubois. New Ulm American Legion manager Abby Dubois teaches the survival class an “easy cheap” home-cooked meal.

Abby Dubious teaches step by step how to make chicken cordon blue. (Celsey Achman )

New Ulm high school survival class had two guest speakers come in last week on Friday. Abby and her cook Mitchell Dummer previously visited the class on November 12 to explain their line of work at the Legion. They both are chefs and preparing food runs deep down. Abby and Mitchell shared about how their job is done and shared some interesting stories. Abby is the manager and does pretty much everything at the Legion. She takes care of the money and bosses everyone around. Mitchell is a cook and bartender. He gets the opportunity to work with people on a daily basis.

This had the class switch gears into the facts room.  She wanted to introduce the class to budget-friendly all food group cooking options. She had the students make chicken cordon blue and fruit smoothies. This was quite interesting. She taught the class how to fry the ham, chicken, and peppers followed by cheese on top. Some of the students even took it into their own hands into toasting the bun for the sandwich.

Senior Seven Wright doing dishes in class. Rare sight! (Celsey  Achman)

They shared with the class how the Legion has weeknights like burger night on Tuesdays and bingo on Thursdays. The Legion isn’t just a membership place anymore. You can go in on any day and receive a home-style meal made with love. Abby and Mitchell are hoping to bring awareness to the Legion to get more people in the door.


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