Austin Enter showing off his stellar weld (Tyler Sondag)
Austin Enter showing off his stellar weld

Tyler Sondag

Controlling the puddle

Life in Intro to Welding class

November 27, 2021

When you think of a puddle, you think about mud and water, jumping up and down, and making a mess. But, to the Intro to Welding kids, it’s taking a molten pool of metal and turning it into a bead to weld the two pieces of metal together.

Freshman Brody Hacker styling in his gear while Arc welding (Tyler Sondag )

Intro to welding is an entry-level class. Instructor Kelsey Brandt “loves teaching the class.” It teaches you the basics of welding before going to the next step up, Advanced Welding, and showing you how to set the right temperature, wire speed, and even the different types of welding. “It’s fun showing the kids what the different types are like MIG, TIG, ARC, and plasma cutting,” Brandt said.

Junior Ben Hohensee laying down a bead on the MIG welder (Tyler Sondag)

Generally, with Intro to welding kids, it is the first time they have touched a welder. Which makes the class even more exciting for kids. They think a new thing to try at maybe would be a career in the future. “It is fun to see the new students progress and enjoy the class seeing the work they have done,” Brandt said.

Although most students are newbies to the welding world it provides a great experience for a possible career.

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