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Tanner Dorschner

Students cut through the cafeteria to get to their next class during their 5 minute passing time.

Normal or Block Scheduling: Which do students prefer?

School life has certainly been strange the last few years. With Covid-19 striking suddenly in early 2020, students and teachers alike have had to make several adjustments to their style of learning and their schedules. When the 2020-2021 school year came along, a decision was made to switch from the traditional style of scheduling to a block schedule in an attempt to minimize close contact between people. Now that a new year has started, the normal schedules are back, with 6 periods a day. But which style of scheduling do people prefer?

120 random students were polled on this issue, with separate results being tallied for 60 guys and 60 girls. For guys, 58% said they preferred block scheduling, while 42% said the opposite. On the other end of things, 70% of girls voted for block scheduling, while only 30% said they liked the traditional style more. Based on these results, block scheduling seems to be the preferred setup. However, students weren’t the only ones polled. A number of teachers were asked the same question, and of the 20 that were polled, 15 said they preferred the traditional schedule style, while only 5 said they enjoyed the block scheduling more. While being polled, Mr. Nelson said “I like getting to see the same students every day compared to only seeing students twice a week.” The traditional-style schedule may be here to stay, but after spending plenty of time with both of these setups, it’s interesting to see that both styles have their fans at the school.

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