Counting Down the Days

April 12, 2021

People always say High School flies by but nobody believes it until it actually happens. This year has been a year like no other and especially for the class of 2021. The year started off with half students at school and half online. Having to match their outfits with their masks. No in-school activities or spectators at sports. Early November school went full online for 2 weeks not knowing what the rest of the year was going to look like. Winter sports were suspended and nobody knowing if they will even happen or not. Winter Sports finally started and no student sections for showing school pride. First-semester ends and all-new classes start. People start getting vaccinated hoping of having a normal year back. Winter sports come to an end and spring sports start and just like that the senior countdown starts.

Senior Mya Isenberg says, “I can’t believe our senior year is almost over it’s crazy, I feel like school just started the other day. It’s going to be so weird graduating already and having to say bye to all my friends in august but I’m so excited to see what the future brings me.”  Not only Mya feels that way senior Keagan Schiro says, “Its sad senior year is almost over, and I’m really going to miss playing hockey with all my friends and having to leave them. I’m excited though to start my future, and good vibes are to come.”.

Everyone cant wait for a senior year thinking it is going to be the best year yet, but the class of 21 was cut from that.  With a strange senior year, the class of 21 still made it a year to remember and not let covid get the best of them. With everything, they didn’t get they still managed to stay positive and are more than excited to finally graduate. The day that they have been looking forward to since they were little is right around the corner, counting down the days until graduation. The class of 21 will have memories they will forever remember, the year like no other.



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