One sport leads to the other.

April 14, 2021

Winter sports are wrapping up which means that spring sports are just around the corner. Stress levels are rising for student-athletes as they are not getting their much-needed break from one sport to another. In a normal year, students would get around a 3-week break to recoup from their winter sports before their spring sports start. This year is weird for many kids, they don’t get a weekend break from their sports. This is very hard because the time between sports is used for studying and catching up on work and getting some free time in the spring to prepare for your spring sports. This is putting so much stress on our student-athletes.

Caleb Arndt is one of those unfortunate athletes. “I just finished wrestling last week and now I have to start up baseball this week. It is very hard to find time for my friends, family, and even school now that baseball is already starting so fast.”

Just as wrestling moves quickly into baseball for Caleb, the same story happens for Senior Kyle Esser. Although he participates in Hockey in the winter and golf in the spring the challenges still arise for him. 

“I feel as if I don’t have very much time to reset for my next sport or even have that many practices before the season starts, I could have used about a week or two more of my own practice before our school sports start,” Kyle says in an interview about his struggles with sports starting right after another. 

Students have so much to worry about in this covid time if they are going to even have a season or be able to compete in some of their final seasons. They also have to balance their social lives, families, school work, and jobs. The stress of not letting our student-athletes get a break before their spring sports is taking a toll on all of us. 


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