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Mya Isenberg

Classes During Covid

Students at NUHS attending advanced classes through the time of covid

January 12, 2021

Distance learning for all students at New Ulm Public High School started up again on November 30, 2020. With that being said, it would be very difficult for advanced food and woods/welding classes. NUHS allowed students to have the choice of going into class when needed if they were able and comfortable going in.

 Taking a deeper look into the Pastry and Design class at NUHS, the class did several baking projects at school during distance learning. The students and staff still take all precautions and follow regulations seriously during the pandemic. All students are very cautious while baking in this class because it is the most important step to take during this time. 

 In the advanced class, Pastry and Design, students work on many baking techniques. The entire class participates either at home or at school baking goods such as cookies, cheesecakes, gingerbread houses, rolls, pastries, and more. The most recent baking project the students have made in class before going to distance learning was their gingerbread houses. The entire class started making the gingerbread dough in class the last day before distance learning. The students then had the option to come in to finish decorating and assembling them or, to complete the project at home.

Gingerbread houses (Mya Isenberg)

When decorating their personal homemade gingerbread house at school, the students are still required to wear plastic gloves for extra safety. They also had to bring in their own separate candies so no one was sharing to be extra precautious. Students in and out of the classroom had just finished creating their gingerbread houses to turn in for summative points. 

After interviewing a few students about this topic, there is more information from the students that are currently in an advanced class. For the class pastry and design senior, Keagan Shiro stated “I go in because I think it is much easier to do the things we do in school rather than at home” when asked if he goes into the classroom when there is an opportunity to or stays home.

To get more of a variety of classes sophomore, Braxten Hoffmann was also interviewed for advanced welding. Braxten stated, “I go in more enjoyable than doing homework online, but not much has changed because we have gotten to go in” when asked if he would rather go in and what has changed since distance learning. Overall there will always be a few that are thankful to be able to go into the classroom during a global pandemic even if there are extra steps to take in order to stay healthy and safe.

Students work before fully completing the gingerbread house.
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