What’s Going on in Eagle Enterprises?

COVID isn't stopping Eagle Enterprises from making money.

November 17, 2020

Through the times of COVID, Eagle Enterprises is still figuring out how to make money. Projects vary from small sanding jobs to welding/metal sign making to carpentry and home maintenance work. Although they may be small, there is still a flow of income. New this year for EE is apparel printing.


On the metals side of jobs, welders have been working on replacing the rotted out bottoms of dumpsters from R.V.S. as well as starting on a new job making smaller things such as can crushers and a horse pen gate. Also, they have been using the CNC plasma cutter to make monogram last name signs and other signs for businesses. On the wood shop side, many projects have been completed including cabinet door sanding, deck replacement, and other various smaller projects with the holidays coming up.

“We need one big job, such as a pole barn, to get a jump in the business and make forward momentum in making money,” Kevin Briggs said. The woods side also has a CNC router that is able to make signs as well.

Moving on into the future, with the winter season coming into play, many jobs will be smaller and able to be done inside. “They may be small and less money but once you get into a groove making a bunch of them, they sell out quickly and are easy to make,” Briggs said. Also with the holidays coming up, EE is making flower arrangements and other Christmas decorations.


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