First ever women-only strength and conditioning class

September 22, 2020

With the decreasing number of girls in the original Strength and Conditioning class, Mr. Lieser, physical education teacher at NUHS, started asking student-athletes and other girls in the student body if they would take a women-only strength and conditioning class. “I got feedback that women didn’t want to lift with the guys, they would rather lift with a female-only setting,” Lieser said.

He came up with the idea for the class in spring of 2019 and proposed it to the school administrators and got it approved right away. Mr. Lieser was passionate about having this new class because his wife is into weight lifting. “She has done crossfit for many years and enjoys the weight room. . . It’s a big push, for me, to get as many women in here [the weight room] as possible.” Having more women comfortable in the weight room is a giant stride for this new class’s future. “The biggest thing is knowing women have just as much reason to be here and have as much opportunity to be in here, “Lieser said. The outcome of women signing up for the new course was exciting. “The fact is that we have 26 women, and in my regular strength and conditioning we have 16”

Photo taken by Mr. Lieser

Everyone in the class has their own goals they strive for in the course. Ellidi Mielke, a Senior, explained her own goals for being in this women-only class. “I want to know how to perform better in the gym and improve my self-confidence.” When asked if she would have taken the original version of the class, she said no, “the boys can be judgy and make fun of you for doing the lighter weights.” Many women in the class agree with Ellidi in her statements.
Mr. Lieser believes that this strength and conditioning class will make great strides for women’s future in the weight room. “Hopefully it opens more eyes to the possibilities of taking this class. . . I would love to see it offered year-round.” This class has a bright future ahead of it by starting strong, with 26 women participating now. And also having the confidence Mr. Lieser has in the girls that are taking it and the class itself. Hopefully, we will see many more successful years to this first-ever women-only strength and conditioning class at New Ulm High School.

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