Students sitting at the correct spots at the lunch tables.
Students sitting at the correct spots at the lunch tables.

Back to school with a new cafeteria set-up

Going back to school during the pandemic required certain restrictions to be put in place, such as new lunchroom seating.

September 30, 2020

Going into the 2020-2021 school year, there were a lot of things up in the air. There were little things being questioned such as the presence of fall sports, if there was going to be a homecoming, or if we were going to have our famous battle of the classes that everyone loves. While these seem like little things to many, they are some of the most important things to the students.

While these were all being questioned, there was a bigger question arising: Were we all going to be distance learning, hybrid learning, or learning in school? While we got the decision most wanted, learning in school, there were many changes that needed to be made in order for it to happen, such as new lunchroom seating.

The cafeteria with the designated seating arrangements.

Walking into school on the first day of school surprised many. The first thing everyone saw was the new lunchroom set up. The tables were more spread out and each table had certain markings on it where you can or can not sit. The big round tables that used to sit eight people are now only allowing four people, the booths that people used to squeeze ten or more people into now only seat two, and there are now plastic tables sitting against the walls that are sitting only three people.

When speaking with one of the sophomores, Karson Schmid, she explained how difficult it is with the new seating arrangement to fit all the people you want to sit with on one table. “I remember seeing your grade in the lunchroom seating ten to fifteen people to a table, and I just miss being able to do that. It sucks not being able to sit by all of your friends.” Many other sophomores agreed with her statement.

These new changes in the lunchroom have not only affected students, but also the teachers, janitors, and lunch ladies. The freshman and sophomore classes like to bend the new rules given in the lunchroom, such as pulling up extra chairs to the tables that only have a few seats or sitting on the X marked seats.

“90% of the students are good, but the other 10% don’t listen,” says Mrs. Gordon, the lunchroom supervisor, referring to how well the students actually abide by the rules. “The lunch ladies do the cleaning in between lunches. The longer passing time now allows for a more sufficient cleaning of the tables and chairs, however, it does create a problem with trying to keep the students socially distanced and with their masks on.”

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