A common sight in all dine-in restaurants.
A common sight in all dine-in restaurants.

Freaky Fast Virus

How is the Jimmy Johns in New Ulm responding the COVID-19 outbreak?

May 18, 2020

Ever since the stay at home order was introduced to the state of Minnesota, dine-in restaurants have been completely shut down. Only restaurants that offer a drive-thru, delivery, or pick-up service are allowed to stay open. Jimmy Johns is one of the restaurants in town that offer those services.

Jimmy Johns is one of the lucky restaurants in town that can stay open due to the ability to deliver or offer a pick-up service. However, sales have not been consistent. After the first few weeks, Jimmy John’s sales plummeted to about half of their normal sales before the COVID-19 outbreak occurred, since customers were cautious about ordering food.

However, after the first few weeks, Jimmy Johns sales in town have actually increased more than before the outbreak. There are many factors that have played into the sales increase. Jimmy Johns has offered many deals that benefit the customer, such as a free drink or side and coupons that offer $5 off to any order above $20. Ever since these deals have been put up, sales have skyrocketed compared to sales before the stay-at-home order was introduced. This poses as a negative for the workers, though, as sometimes Jimmy Johns is under or overstaffed depending on labor and sales.

Jordan Anderson, who is currently a manager at Jimmy Johns, spoke about the sales change over the entire COVID-19 outbreak. “It’s kind of hard to know what’s coming because we either double our sales or the sales decrease by half.” This has left some days where Jimmy Johns does not have enough bread to make sales in the last hours of the day. Other days there is too much bread left and it could under or over-estimate over the next few days on how much bread to make.

Near the end of the stay-at-home order, sales have balanced out and Jimmy Johns can now estimate easier and be more in-depth to how much bread needs to be made and how many workers they need to have per shift. Customers are now gaining more confidence in ordering delivery or pick-up from restaurants that offer it and that is allowing businesses to begin to thrive and potentially gain back the sales they have lost during the beginning of the outbreak.

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