NUHS students cheering on the girls volleyball team
NUHS students cheering on the girls volleyball team

Senior Year

May 18, 2020

As heard all throughout high school, senior year will be your best/most favorite year of school. Everyone is looking forward to their last year so they can go to college or elsewhere. People are trying to make the most out of it because it may be their last time seeing their friends. Everybody talks about how easy their classes are and how they never have homework. Students get to finally look forward to winning BOTC or finally having their senior season in sports. Kids getting to go to their last ever high school prom.

Seniors waiting to celebrate their victory in BOTC

But something very unexpected happened this year and is taking it all away.

Most students went on spring break to get away from school for a little bit, getting ready to come back for the last 2 months and their final sporting season. What they didn’t realize is that we’re not going to go back to school and probably would not for the rest of the year. Every student that was looking forward to their senior year and all their lasts has gotten that taken from them. With only a little over a month left of school, students are hoping to be back for that final month.

Senior Hunter Hulke captured the sentiment perfectly: “It was my last year and I was doing it with no homework and now that we’re online I have homework every day.”

It didn’t seem like a lot to ask for: Seniors hoping to walk and receive their diploma in their own hands, praying to get to play their final seasons, and have one last prom.

This virus, Covid-19, may have ruined some student’s last year of being around their friends. Trapping most people at home and telling them to leave only for essential reasons, it has shut down all sports and all activities.

We asked Nolan Drill how he felt. “It was my last time playing baseball with my friends before college. Some may never get to wear another jersey and play this sport again,” he said.

In May they canceled prom and it still has everyone wondering how graduation will work. This has taken so much from seniors already and who knows how long it will last. Some are worried they won’t even get their last summer with their friends. This was the year everyone has been waiting for, the best year, their last year. Now we don’t even get to finish it in school, but instead are stuck at home doing it online. 

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