What’s New at New Ulm High School?

April 26, 2019

New Ulm High School throughout the past years has offered multiple college-level courses. Students can take these courses through SMSU and MSU. Most of these classes are during the day, however, some students choose to take night classes or early birds (classes before school). These classes are taught by a handful of NUHS teachers. Mr. Bute teaches psychology, Mrs. Gordon a college level American Government course, Mr. Van Leeuwe teaches public speaking and the list continues. The lengthy list was extended second semester of this school year with two more college in school classes (CIS). Mr. Bute and Ms.Winter both took on new CIS classes with a group of brave students to be the first to experience the new courses.

Mr. Bute took on a course called European History to 1600. This class is taken through Minnesota State University and the students meet on Monday nights from 6:00 to 10:00. The class focuses on historical events that formed Europe for the worse or for the better. Bute says the largest challenge that this course has struggled with is that it is scheduled on Monday nights. Many students in this course are involved in sports, choir and band which all have games and concerts scheduled on Monday nights. Next year Mr. Bute hopes to change the course to take place on Wednesday nights.

When asked about what type of student should sign up for this course, Bute said, “Students who would be interested in studying Ancient Greek and Roman Civilizations, the Middle Ages in Europe, the Black Plague and the Renaissance and Reformation.” Bute also talked about how this course is a great course to take for receiving some college credit. Bute says that history classes are awesome to take because they provide important analytical skills that can be used in any career path in the future.

Ms.Winter began teaching a course called Global Perspectives: ENG 150. This class is taken through SMSU. This course is an early bird and meets Tuesday through Thursday from 7:00 to 7:55. When asked about challenges that this course has overcome, Winter said that snow days was a big one! “Luckily at the beginning of the semester the students had the novel Frankenstein to keep them busy!” she said. Winter also said that the class struggled with the old English when reading The Taming of the Shrew, but it was pretty fun to act out in class! 

We asked Winter what type of student she would encourage to take this course and she said, “I would encourage any students who love reading and then discussing what they have read.” But don’t worry about the early mornings, according to Winter next year this class will not be offered as an “early bird” course.

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