Growing the Future of New Ulm Basketball

February 21, 2019

Recently, the boy’s varsity basketball team has been helping with the kindergarten and first-grade boys NUBBA practices on Saturdays. The varsity players run drills, play with the kids and more importantly, display positive characteristics of good role models. We wanted to dig into why this volunteering is so important to the future of basketball in New Ulm.

When asked about the NUBBA practices, varsity player Caden Hames said, “Seeing the kids at the beginning of practice and then seeing how much they have improved at the end of practice” is his favorite part of volunteering. He also said that “seeing the kids have fun and enjoy the time with the big kids” is the most important part of volunteering because, “Getting more kids involved in, and practicing basketball at a younger age may benefit New Ulm boys basketball in the future.”

Head varsity coach Matt Hauge said, “Since the varsity players came up through the NUBBA system, it is important for them to give back to the program.” He also explains the more indirect importance of volunteering “is the display of being positive role models for the younger kids both on and off the court.”  

After talking to some of the youngsters involved in this program it became clear that they enjoy learning the basics from the Varsity Eagles even more than learning from the coaches. When asked about NUBBA Cole, a first grader, responded with: “It’s fun! The big kids are really cool and are really nice!”

Parents are also a fan of the varsity players helping out with practices. Parents really enjoy seeing the varsity players setting a good example and being kids that the NUBBA boys can look up to. Cole’s mom made the comment, “It’s great to see these young men willing to take time out of their schedules to help out with the practices”.

Overall it seems that everyone involved is happy to see the varsity boys helping out with the kindergarten and first-grade boys. From coaches, to players, big and small, to the parents everyone has a common opinion about how the help from the varsity players is beneficial. It does not seem that this program is going anywhere but up anytime soon.

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