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March 7, 2019

When you think of the words “School” and “Business” you often think of many different things, especially as a student. But here at New Ulm High School, students have an opportunity to put those two words together. For the first time ever, NUHS will christen a student-operated business appropriately named Eagle Enterprises, which will be run out of the Woods and Metals shops, along with the Business department. What will this newly minted business entail? We talked to a few people with the methods behind the madness that is Eagle Enterprises

We spoke with Mr. Briggs, the woods shop instructor, on his thoughts for the start-up of Eagle Enterprises. He said they wanted to be able to “offer a higher learning opportunity in our departments.” When we asked if this idea will work with the up-coming classes and their motives to work, he responded with: “It will work. Just like any start-up business, we will have setbacks and changes of plans, we just have to roll with it.”

Another thing we learned is that the business will officially take off in the fall of 2019, ushering in the new school year. What the business will produce is up to what other local businesses will ask of them. Some will ask to help make their products, while others will want them to help make and repair parts or machines. The Ag and Business department has been lobbying for a school business for years, so this is a major boon for them. Whether or not this business will take off, we will have to see.

We went behind the scenes to see how this business will be run and financed, as well as to find out who will take care of said finances. We interviewed New Ulm High School accounting teacher Mrs. Ruch to get her opinion on Eagle Enterprises and how she was planning to help the accounting students run the business portion of the project. She said the business class would be responsible for all of the money portion and writing receipts for the customers. The business class would also be responsible for selling or promoting the products that the shop classes would be fabricating and fixing.

Mrs. Ruch is also the Finance instructor, and we asked her who will be responsible for dealing with the financial end of Eagle Enterprises. She said, “Students will have full control of the financial side and marketing side of the business, but I will be there for guidance and if they have any questions.” When we asked what she considered the most successful marketing techniques, she felt that Instagram and Facebook would be the best ways to reach a wider audience. “Instagram can reach the younger audiences and Facebook, while also reaching younger crowds, would attract older generations.”




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