BUZZIN ABOUT- This group of Juniors left a la-sting impression with their well thought out costumes (Sydney Owens)
BUZZIN ABOUT- This group of Juniors left a la-sting impression with their well thought out costumes

Sydney Owens

Creepin’ it Real

The various costumes of Halloween

November 13, 2018

It’s spooky season at New Ulm High School. From creepy witches to bumbling bees, the hallways were crawling with costumed folk this Halloween. While some people went for some terrifying threads, others opted for some rather punny costumes. Among these wordplay attires was Senior Augie Babel with his “50 shades of grey” outfit, as well as a group of Juniors with their “Spelling Bee.” When asked, Junior and the “S” in the bees Haley Messenger said, “We saw the idea on Pinterest, I think, and thought it’d be cool.” And cool it was, as the spelling bees ended up tying for 1st.

FRAT GIRLS- This group of lower classmen girls embodied the spirit of frat boys with button up shirts, tall socks, and sunglasses.

For those not looking for looks of fear and laughs, cute and creative outfits were also an option. A group of lower classmen girls dressed up as Frat Boys and Seniors Abbey Lee,  Joey Batt, Jayden Pettersen, Maddy Portner, and Lizzie Shaul went for homemade Winnie the Pooh outfits.

NO PUNCH LINE- Senior Carli Botten was among the group of boxer girls who knocked out the competition with their creative attire.

In addition, a large group of Senior girls dressed as boxers, pairing their black robes with blackened eyes and bloodied lips. Senior Carli Botten, who was part of the boxers, said, “I really enjoyed our outfits. They were really cute.” The Winnie the Pooh group and the boxers, along with almost every other senior group, tied for 1st place.

The students are not the only ones who showed their Halloween spirit. A large group of teachers, including Ms. Winter and Mrs. Christian, dressed up as decks of cards.

BOW DOWN- Ms. Winter and Mrs. Thursby were the queens of the cards this Halloween

Another group of teachers such as Mr. Briggs and Mrs. Boelter dressed up as the main cast of “Saved by the Bell.”

Halloween at New Ulm High School, as per usual, was a lighthearted and fun day for both students and staff. With the hallways usually packed with tired kids and busy teachers, it was a pleasant change to see the creative costumes of everyone. Whether you are a senior going out with a bang or a freshman trying to make a good and spooky first impression, spooky season is an amazing time of year.


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