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Thrift Store Tuesday- What Does That Even Mean?

The feelings and confusion surrounding Tuesdays dress up day

October 23, 2018

The annual Homecoming Week at New Ulm High School is often met with excitement and joy by students and faculty alike. Homecoming Week, as always, started with coronation on Monday, came to a peak during Battle of the Classes on Thursday, and wound down for the parade, the football game, and the dance on Friday night. Homecoming Week is also always jam-packed with dress-up days such as pajama day and USA day.

DOUBLE TROUBLE- Seniors Carli Botten and Wyatt Roberts pose together. Botten chose a fashionable denim attire for Thrift Store Tuesday while Roberts opted out of dressing up.

This year a new dress up day, Thrift Store Tuesday, joined the ranks. While some people embraced this day, others were confused on what Thrift Store day even means. Even if students believed they knew what it meant, the interpretation might have been different For Senior Alex Docherty, who donned a white fur jacket and green patterned flare pants, it meant wearing the funkiest clothes possible. On the other hand, Senior and Student Council President Joey Batt interpreted it a different way. “I took it as dressing in things that aren’t in fashion anymore. I wore mom jeans and denim on denim, ” Batt said. “I actually kind of liked my outfit.”

For some students, however, they had no idea what to do. Senior Kareen Hammerschmidt was among this group, saying, “I thought it was very confusing. It seemed like there were two ways you could go, old clothes or crazy ones.” Hammerschmidt also mentioned the possible¬†offensiveness of the day. “I heard some people saying it was offensive due to the fact that some people shop at thrift stores because they have to.”

Luckily, this confusion did not stop a lot of the student body from going all out, and we all got to enjoy looking at a variety of different outfits. Whether it was retro wear or outlandish outfits, these looks made Thrift Store Tuesday one to remember.


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