Miss Koehler is talking and directing the High School band.
Miss Koehler is talking and directing the High School band.

New Band Teacher is Stirring Up Treble

Miss Jessica Koehler is making a big sound in the New Ulm High School band.

September 27, 2018

Jessica Koehler is making a blast in the band. Miss Koehler is a 26-year-old band teacher. She fell in love with the band in High School and thought she should keep pursuing it. She decided to become a teacher because of her father.

Ms. Koehler seems to have a great relationship with her sister. When she was first looking for a job, she says, “I wasn’t too picky.” She then made the decision to stay close with her sister, when she traveled to Mankato, applying for a job in Truman. However, when her sister began working for the New Ulm Steel hockey team Ms. Koehler made the decision to apply for the position as the new high school band teacher, and boy are we glad to have her!

Even though she is a teacher she is like any other person with many hobbies. One of her many hobbies is playing with her two huskies. Playing with her dogs requires a lot of energy which she gets from drinking coffee. Other than drinking coffee and playing with her dogs she tries to find time to relax by going shopping. She is not like every single girl out there because she also enjoys going to the New Ulm Steel hockey games.

The band is a very important part of Miss Koehler’s life. During her High School year, her favorite memory of band was being able to march at Valley Fair. She found her passion for the band in her junior year of High School. With all of these memories of High School, she stated that “the High School band felt like a second home.” She wanted to continue to make the band feel like a second home so she decided to become a band teacher.

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