GREAT THINGS TO BE GRATEFUL FOR Big things, or small, we are thankful for everything.

Sarah Longtin

Giving Gratititude

What are you grateful for?

February 8, 2018

Something new can be found on the walls of New Ulm High School. With all the bright colors, it’s hard to miss. Down by the math wing, the gratitude wall is up, and already half-full, with post-its describing what students and staff are grateful for.

Mr. Ziemer, one of our school’s counselors, wanted to start off the new semester with “positive vibes,” especially with the “dreary winter that causes school to drag on.” He attended an event, regarding the recent suicides and mental health happening in our surrounding community.

“Buffalo Area Hospital posted a video about their gratitude wall,” said Mr. Ziemer, “the idea was born through the discussion and through others, and what they were doing.”

“The gratitude wall reminds us that we have much to be thankful for,” said Jessica Peterson, President of New Ulm High School’s National Honor Society. The note she contributed to the wall states that she is thankful for her friends and family.

THE GRATEFULNESS IS GROWING Mr. Ziemer is adding more post-its to the wall each day.

“Anyone can post positive notes on the board, at any time,” said Mr. Ziemer, “and it would be great if a class would take the initiative and add notes we would be all for that.” He started with notes from the staff in the office, and continued with National Honor Society. His hopes are to fill the entire board.

Gratitude, by definition, is the quality of being thankful and showing appreciation. This is exactly what Mr. Ziemer is looking to achieve, and, with time, the board will illustrate the appreciation they have for things in their life.


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