Noah Hauge

Design of The Sports Complex

September 29, 2017

The New Ulm High School features three brand new sports complexes, including a football field, soccer fields, and several baseball/softball fields. This is a huge jump from being at the MLC and Johnson Fields. The athletic director Troy Guentzel answered some questions about the new sports complexes.

Fans have been wondering what is going on with the baseball/softball fields so when asked about what went into the design Mr. Guentzel said, “With the space we had it made sense that we put the baseball/softball fields the way we did. The design is based off the design of Caswell Park in Mankato, Minnesota.”

They also were concerned about a concession stand not being at the baseball/softball field. Mr Guentzel responded and said, “We have had many different ideas with the concession stand like building a half shed half concessions stand or a portable concession stand with kids selling food and drinks.”

Another thing fans were concerned about was that the home stands are farther away than the visitor stands. When asked about why they built the home stands further away from the school he said, “I was not here for the design process of the field Mr. Bergmann was but when you look at the stadium you see the turf and if it was switched you would see the back of the home stands . We also took the sun and wind into consideration and they are to the back of home fans and in the face to the visiting¬† fans. we thought about getting golf carts to bring the elderly back and forth. Portable concessions stand is another thing we are thinking about for the football stadium.”



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