Prom 2017


Ellie Hohensee

The prom committee has been hard at work, setting up decorations and making sure everyone is given the objects and information they need. For guys, prom seems to be a tad less stressful compared to ladies. Most of the time guys worry about grooming, a tux, and a vehicle. Ladies, on the other hand, have a few more things to worry about, depending on who you are, of course. Finding, buying, and altering a dress can take a lot of time and money. On top of that, girls have to pick out flowers, jewelry, get their hair and nails done, usually figure out something for makeup, tan if they choose to do so, etc. Those in the midwest spend anywhere from $175-700+ on prom expenses, depending on where you live and what you choose to spend.

With the new location this year, NUHS Prom will obviously look a lot different than years past. This year’s theme is Mardi Gras, and many prom-goers are very excited about it. Seniors will meet at German Park for pictures at 1pm. The Grand March will begin tomorrow, April 29, at 7pm. A dance will follow after the Grand March and the after prom party will take place at the New Ulm Middle School. Have a great prom, everyone!