Jakob Wiborg

NUHS junior Noah Engel getting ready to shred at Mt. Kato

The NUHS Eagles hit the slopes

On days after school or during weekends, students from NUHS choose to spend their time practicing skiing or snowboarding. When talking to juniors Noah Engel and Tallak Rakowski, I asked them how often they ski at Mt. Kato. Noah Engel said he tries and goes out once a week, and  Tallak Rakowski said he goes skiing at least twice a month.

When asked if it’s a good sport to try with your friends, Tallak Rakowski, who’s been skiing for five years, said, “I think that it is an excellent sport to try with your friends because it gets you outside and moving.” Noah Engel, who has been skiing since he was nine, agreed. “Absolutely. Skiing with friends is always fun, not just because you’re skiing with them but [also] chilling in the chalet and on the lift.” Noah continued when asked about skiing, saying, “Yea, it’s easy to learn, and once you get the hang of it, it’s a blast.”

If you ever get bored in winter and looking for a place to hang out with friends and try something new, visit Mt. Kato to try something new. On March 18th, the annual spring fling will take place. Mt. Kato will make an artificial pond for skiers and snowboarders to try and get across.

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