NUHS veterinary science students dissect cow heart in lab

Veterinary students in New Ulm high school dissect cow heart for educational purposes

March 24, 2021


Sage Schmit

Student Ethan Frechette dissects cow heart.

On March 3rd, NUHS vet science students headed to the woodshop to dissect cow hearts. The students were split into groups of 2 or 3 and had a packet to go with the dissection. Many students were excited about this lab, some more than others, some students even being a little queasy at times. But, from what the students said, everyone had enjoyed this lab a lot. Many students had not even seen a cow heart in person before.

The vet science students looked at the valves, muscles, fat, and veins of the cow hearts, and some pig hearts. The students had to draw a diagram of what they saw in and on the heart in the packet they were assigned. Mrs. Brandt and  Ms. Langley (student teacher) were very interactive with the students and the lab, helping the students as much as possible and making it as fun as possible. They let the students dissect the cow hearts themselves and let them dissect it however they wanted to.

I talked to student Lillian Fred about the lab. “We were missing a third of the heart,” she said, “So we couldn’t finish the packet. But it was an overall good experience.”

I also talked to the teacher Mrs. Brandt. “It was the first time I’ve ever dissected a cow heart,” she said, “So we were learning along with them.”

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