Students hard at work putting soil in the pots.
Students hard at work putting soil in the pots.

Greenhouse Turning Green

Landscape and Greenhouse Management finally starting to grow plants and its going to get green quick.

March 21, 2021

Greenhouse Management class is finally able to get into the greenhouse after the heating and cooling system broke earlier this February. This past week the class started filling all of the planter pots with soil, getting ready for the many plants that will be grown. Ms. Brandt said that “there will be so many plants that some of the planter pots will have to be on the ground,” adding that the class will have to watch their step when walking around. Ms. Brandt also said that all of the plants are for special orders and will actually be sold to people from around town.

The class had just finished learning about landscaping so the remainder of the semester will be used to work in the greenhouse. The class learned about color combinations, how to make a landscape look better, the principles and elements of a landscape, and also how to identify a plant. Students are excited to finally be able to get out of the classroom and be able to work in the greenhouse instead of sitting in the classroom for two hours.

Student Evan Wiltscheck said, “I’m glad we’re finally out working in the greenhouse and planting but it will be a lot of hard and tedious work.” The class is also doing all the preparing themselves. They are mixing the soil together and putting it all in the planting pots, and then they will then be putting the plants and seeds into the planting pots. The class was also told that they will need to label the plants so they know which plant is which and how many they have of each so that they know how many will have to be sold.

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