Goat strikes a pose as he stares back at the camera.

Goats on the Hill

Many of us have probably been to a farm and seen a few goats munching on some grass, but most of us have probably never come across a herd of goats wandering the hillsides of our hometown state park.

Flandrau state park, here in New Ulm, is now home to a herd of goats who roam the hillsides munching down all the invasive species they can find. These goats are kept in a fenced off area along a hillside on the north end of Flandrau, near Indian Point.

Invasive species are quite an issue at Flandrau state park, especially when they cover steep hillsides inaccessible by the necessary machinery to help get rid of them. These steep hills make the goats the perfect tool for ridding of common invasive species such as buckthorn, garlic mustard, and dame’s rocket.

The herd of goats is expected to be here for at least the next month, where they will be moved around to different areas throughout the hillside which are littered with invasive species.

The public is asked not to go over the white electric fence or approach any of the goats.

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