Popping the Question


Senior Ashlyn Donner got asked to prom by her boyfriend Hunter Hulke in a fun way

Promposals are a trend with high-school students, and often nowadays teens don’t ask their date to prom, they make a “promposal.” Recently they have been becoming more and more creative too. Prom is a big event, with students, teachers, and parents talking about it all year. To some extent, this is to purposefully build it up into a big, exciting thing. Today’s high-school prom night has become a very exciting event – with all the fancy dresses and cool cars, it is all-out attempt to have the night of their lives.

Promposals can be a lot of work, but they are also very exciting. Girls or guys make a big poster with an original way of asking their date to prom. Many ideas can be found on the internet, especially on Pinterest. Promposals can be as big or as small as the proposer chooses and oftentimes the proposal is based on the interests of the person being asked. For example, Wyatt Roberts asked Hannah Piotter to prom with a poster that was FRIENDS themed, knowing that FRIENDS is Hannah’s favorite television show. Making promposals personal is important because it makes the proposal more original and meaningful.

Wyatt Roberts asked Hannah Piotter to prom with a poster based on her favorite television show FRIENDS

When and how did this become a thing? We asked some of the students and staff at NUHS what they think about promposals. According to Mr.Pankonin, ¨Promposals weren’t a big thing in school, people just asked each other over the phone.¨ Asking someone to prom has become more and more elaborate over the years and has become more popular recently.

Many students participate in promposals, but some are against them. Some students believe that promposals are a waste of time and money, and that they that they are useless. Isabella Lemcke said, “There’s just no point to make a promposal when I could just ask a date for free.” Some students also believe that they are “cringy.” Isabella Lemcke also said, “Every year people need to think of new and unique ways to ask their date and it just seems too stressful.”

For some students, promposals are a very big deal. They believe that a promposal enhances the whole prom experience. Carli Botten said, “They just make prom so much more fun and they are so cute.”  Usually prom dates are pre-determined so the only surprising aspects of promposals are when it’s going to happen and the creativity of the ask.

Promposals just add on to the increasing level of extravagance that goes with prom each year. As the day becomes more eventful, the time leading up to the big day becomes more eventful as well. Prom is an exciting event for many high-schoolers, and promposals just add on to the excitement. Although the idea of doing a promposal can be somewhat controversial, the tradition of making a large gesture to ask someone to prom will probably not be going away anytime soon. Whether a promposal is being made between a boyfriend and a girlfriend, or just two friends, the gesture adds a spark of enthusiasm and anticipation for the big day that awaits.