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The Trendy Shoe That is Seen All Around NUHS

September 26, 2018

New trends spread through a high school like a wildfire, but often the fire dies down. This is not the case with Birkenstocks at NUHS. Students have been wearing Birkenstocks to school for about two years. This trend hasn’t just spread to students; some teachers even own a pair.

Birkenstocks are open toe sandals that have a rubber and cork footbed. This footbed forms to each foot. “They are really comfortable,” said Maddy Portner. “I like wearing them because they look cute, but they also keep me comfortable” she added.

Taylor Forstner
GO-TO SHOE Birkenstocks are a a great summer shoe

Birkenstocks come in a few different styles. The styles vary based on the size and quantity of the sandal straps. Some popular styles as NUHS include the basic two strap and the three strap that crosses the big toe, called the Mayari. “I have two pairs of Birkenstocks. I have the tan two strap pair and a pair of black Mayaris” said Abbey Lee. When asked what she likes best about Birkenstocks she said that she likes how “Birkenstocks can be paired with a lot of different outfits.”

Taylor Forstner
MAYARI a popular Birkenstock style at NUHS

Birkenstocks aren’t just limited to female students; many male students also own a pair. Birkenstocks are a versatile type of shoe, making their price of about $100-$125 worth it for many students. Even if a student is not willing to spend that much money on a pair of shoes, they are often able to find a cheaper shoe with the same popular style as Birkenstocks. “I can wear my Birkenstocks with casual and dressy clothes,” said Abbey Fraunholtz. “They are so easy just to slip on, and you don’t have to worry since they match with pretty much anything” she added.

For many students here at NUHS, Birkenstocks are the go-to summer shoe. Birkenstocks are also a German sandal, which is maybe another reason why they are so popular here in New Ulm.

If you’re interested in more styles you can view here:

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