COMPETITIVE CHOP students made their chili from scratch

Sam Gieseke

NUHS Chili Cook-off

Basic foods classes got spicy this week while preparing for a chili cook-off

March 23, 2018

Students in NUHS Basic Foods classes have been cooking something hot this week. Students have been preparing a special bowl of chili for a chili cook-off. Every semester students in basic foods classes form groups and compete against each other to see who can make the best bowl of chili. Each group invites a teacher to be a guest judge at the cook-off.

Sam Gieseke
CHILI COOK-OFF students formed groups to try and make the best chili

Kasey Schmitz, a student who participated in the cook-off, said he likes the chili cook-off because he gets to “have fun with his friends while also having a little competition.” There are many different recipes being prepared for the cook-off. One group took a spicy direction and added jalapenos. Another group took a unique route and made a spaghetti chili. When asking another student, Joey Batt, what she enjoys about the cook-off she said: “The best part is being creative and adding different ingredients to see what we can make our chili taste like.”

On the day of the chili cook-off, each group sets the table and tries to present their chili uniquely. One group even brought a tablecloth as a way to make their group stand out. This part of the project teaches students how to creatively plate their food and try to make it look appealing. Some groups also made bread to serve with their chili. Teachers who are invited to be judges get to try a sample of every group’s chili and vote on their favorite.

Sam Gieseke
DRAGONS BREATH students added jalapenos and peppers to their chili

“The best part is being creative and adding different ingredients to see what we can make our chili taste like.””

— Joey Batt

This project pushes students to be creative. Not only does each group have to come up with their chili recipe, but they also need to come up with their unique name and design for their chili can. An example of a chili name used by one group was “Dragon’s Breath.” The group who made spaghetti chili ended up winning this semester’s chili cook-off. Jayden Pettersen, a member of the winning group, said that her group “wanted to try something different so that their chili would stand out to the judges.” Her group was awarded bragging rights for their win, although every group did a great job!

Spaghetti Chili Recipe:

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